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Create a Feed Landing Page


Make it easy for your visitors to subscribe to your feed. Create a custom feed landing page with the wizard below.

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Copy the URL below and use on your website. Click here to find out how to replace the domain name below with your own.

Feel free to edit it after you have copied it into your page.

Do you have your own RSS feeds? Gain traffic to your site by allowing others to use your feeds as content for their websites.

You can easily make your RSS feeds available to others to pull and render into their websites using our tool, and as you know, these feeds can link back to your site. And if they share your feeds with other publishers, you could get even more visits than you thought was possible. This is an easy way to generate traffic for free! Simply create a URL as shown below and it will preload this page with it:<Your Feed URL Here>


Learn more about this exciting new feature and see how to use our popular feed resyndication icons...

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